Thursday, December 6, 2007

New piece published

Foreign Policy in Focus just published our response piece as part of our "strategic dialogue" about divestment from Sudan.

The original piece is available here, along with the original and response by Daniel Millenson, of the Sudan Divestment Task Force.


denk said...

i used to post in fpif for a while, i dont know if its just me but it took between 4-7 days for a post to appear, eventualy my posts didnt appear at all !!

besides the darfur campaign, its also the hotbed for die hard taiwan "spokeman" such as ian william etc.,

hmm, does the fpif has a hidden agenda ?

Kevin said...

I haven't followed any of their articles on China/Taiwan - what sorts of things have you seen specifically?

denk said...


this one for example,

Kevin said...

Thanks for sending,